How to make Dressage Button Braids

Type of Braid: I call them “Dutch Braids” or “Rose bud Braids”

What you need:

  • Braiding elastics

  • Wax coated string

  • Large (dull ended) yarn needle

Tip: The mane should be fairly longer then usually and the thicker the mane the better the braid will ‘arch’.  

Step 1 : First I start off by taking a large section of the horses mane (approximately 3 inches or so of hair). I then braid that hair loosely at the top and tighter towards the bottom. Tying the end of the braid with an elastic.

Step 2 : Once the braid is complete take a piece of the wax coated string and wrap it around the elastic 3 or 4 times creating a sort of knot. Take the large needle and thread the string through it. Take the needle and sew through the base of the braid at the top of the neck.

Step 3 : Now that you’ve gone through once, sew back through the braid and make sure to push the needle right through the ‘knot’ that you created with the string and elastic. Go through the knot and back through the center of the looped braid.

Step 4 : Roll the braid up into a ‘rosebud’ and sew back through to the other side of the mane. Pulling tight each time you go through the braid.  Go back and forth 2 more times, pulling the rosebud tight. Then simple snip of the extra string and move onto the next braid.

About The Author: Justin Ridgewell manages Oakcrest Farms, a large dressage training/ boarding facility just outside Toronto. He has worked/groomed for Canadian Olympian Belinda Trussell and Grand Prix competitor John MacPherson for over 2 years now.  Travelling to shows throughout Ontario, Quebec and North Eastern USA.


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