November 29 to December 2nd

Munich Indoors 2007


Ludwig Zierer and Weltino

By Guest Columnist Uwe Schwanz (German international dressage rider and through Grand Prix writes an annual guest column for us. His website is

At the 2007 Munich Indoors, the dressage was held at a national level while the showjumping was held at international level. As a result many of the international riders did not appear to compete in the dressage ring but of those who did, some delightful performances could be seen.

The star of the show must have been, without doubt, local hero Ludwig Zierer, whose horse Weltino is carrying him from victory to victory.  Zierer and Weltino are now in the official B squad in Germany, and it seems that the ambitious amateur’s dedication and willingness to work in his riding have really paid off. Having attended numerous shows with Zierer in the past, I was always pleased to see how concentrated he was when working his horse in the collecting ring, how sensitive his approach to his riding, and how fine his aids. His style has always been characterised by elegance and seeking a true joint venture with his partner, the horse, and Weltino, an excellent horse with wonderful gaits and a charisma to match his beauty, is thanking him for it. At the Munich Indoors, Weltino and Zierer won two of the three dressage classes, namely the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Special. Zierer achieved 70.125% in the Grand Prix, with Isabell Werth taking 2nd place ( 69.667%) and Olga Klimko, who rides for the Ukraine, placing 3rd.

Christilot Hanson-Boylen

Christilot Hanson-Boylen

Canada’s Christilot Hanson-Boylen, under the watchful eye of her trainer Udo Lange, rode Gachino to 9th place.

The Freestyle to Music went to Isabell Werth, with an amazing 77.200%, followed by Christine Eglinski in 2nd place. Werth had displayed some especially difficult combinations of lesson with Apache, and her Oldenburg mount was in great form on Sunday morning. As always, the acoustics in the Olympic arena of Munich were not the best, but those who turned up for the early morning start were nonetheless spellbound by what has traditionally always been known as the “most interesting” of the dressage classes.

Of great interest was an Australian rider, Hayley Beresford, who stems from Perth and rides for the yard of Isabell Werth. She came 7th in the Grand Prix Special. “Isabell is more than my trainer,” said Beresford, “she is also a friend, a confidante, and someone I can rely on 100 per cent. In my time of riding and training with her, I have made enormous progress.”

No kidding! With her excellent seat and fine aids,  the Werth influence is clearly visible.

Beresford competed on Relampago do Retiro, with horse and rider only recently both having made it to the Grand Prix stage, and although they were still somewhat lacking routine for some of the lessons, this appears to be nothing that cannot be fixed with increased experience. However, the talent is there, for sure, and it is easy to see why Werth had offered to Beresford to ride for her after meeting the young Australian talent during a dressage clinic in her hometown Perth in Western Australia. In the Grand Prix, Beresford placed 10th, but still achieved a considerable 63.708%.

photo credit: Tina von Block

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