Canada has lost two world class athletes in Lucky Lemon and Imperioso. Both will be sadly missed, but fondly remembered has having achieved top international results for Canada.

“It is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. I felt very proud to represent my country and placing was a bonus,” said Duncan, who earlier this year helped the Canada West Young Rider Dressage Team bring home the Gold Medal from the 2006 North American Junior/Young Riders’ Championships.”


Salieri, the 17 year old massive black Hanoverian stallion by Salvano/Servus, sire of Salinero and his full brother Seven-UP - the only Equine full brothers ever to compete in the same Olympic Games ( 2004 Athens) had to be humanely euthanized due to a rapidly deteriorating hoof disease.


Friday was one of those crazy Florida days - lots of wind, the temperature dropped and dropped - Klaus Fraessdorf, the long time organizer of this show informed us over the PA, that the forecast was calling for low to mid 30's - well, the permanent stalls at Clarcona are great for hot days, with their airy design, but when it is cold and windy, it is a different story

Her mount’s career had spanned almost the entire globe, Bottani said. “He competed at many big shows in Europe, be it at Geneva, Bremen, Wiesbaden, Paris or Aachen. He was at two Olympic games, in Atlanta (USA), and then as Swiss Team horse with myself in Sydney in 2000. His first international show, incidentally, was in 1994 in Addington.”


Isabell Werth had decided to compete, as always loyal to her fans and to the Munich Indoors venue, and so the local riders and the international riders present got a welcome chance to measure themselves against one of Germany’s best.

At the 2006 Munich Indoors, held November 30 to December 3rd, 2006, Ludwig Zierer was star of the show. As winner in the Grand Prix on Saturday as well as Sunday’s Grand Prix Special, he also took home the special award as best dressage rider of the show.

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